Farah G Black blouse with golden flowers



🎀 Embellished by hand
🎀 Handmade design: Seven Golden flowers embellished with black beads in their centre are stitched to the chest and bottom of the sleeves of the blouse
🎀 Colour: Black
🎀 Composition: 57% viscose / 35% modal / 8% elastane
🎀 Care instructions: Hand wash only / No drying machine
🎀 Length: 61 cm
🎀 Width: 40 cm
🎀 Sleeve length: 62 cm
🎀 Wearability: S/M/L

🎀 If you like one of our designs but prefer it on a different type of blouse or colour, you can contact us and we will try to make it for you if it is possible.

🎀 In order to keep our prices affordable, we had to exclude the delivery cost in some countries. Free returns.
🎀 Even though the delivery cost is on the buyer, additional items delivery cost will be on us. So if you order more than one item on a singular transaction, you will not be charged for the extra weight.
🎀 If the delivery cost to your country seems to be too high, you can make ONE order with some of your interested friends and share the delivery cost.

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